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Mission Statement

“At Drive4Dreams we believe that happiness is not simply an emotion, or an occasion. We believe that happiness is the wonder and amazement that lights up a child’s face as an engine turns over and roars to life. We believe it is the ear to ear grin they carry as they absorb the magic of automobiles for themselves. Happiness for us, is creating experiences that last a lifetime, something that stays and carries a permanent home in a child’s heart.

It is this belief which drives our passion to take the spectacle of the automotive world and create a carnival of experiences for underprivileged children and their families. We ensure that these adventures fully immerse them in a world far removed from their day to day. In doing so, we’re looking to do more than creating an unforgettable memory, but to ignite a passion and excitement for cars that we hope will last a lifetime. One which will always bring a smile to their face as they hear the rumble of an engine bringing back a fond memory, continuing to drive their passions in all avenues of life.”

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